Rapira One


Available colorsBlack
Item noRapira Elite: AMO300
Rapira One: AMO301
UPCRapira Elite: 794504516647
Rapira One: 794504515145
Gross weight400g
Box dimensionWidth:65mm
Qty per box N/A
Warranty 1 year

Rapira One reviews
"Overall the A1 Rapira One is a top performer in its price range and if you are in the market for a budget gaming mouse then the Rapira One is definitely worthy of a place on your comparison list.For 38 Euro's you’re getting an out and out gaming mouse that pulls no punches and should be ideal for anyone with a strong interest in FPS games but not limited to them.”
"Rapira One is a crazily comfortable mouse and and for that it gets a DavePlays Bronze award.”
"Good gaming mouse for reasonable price!”
"Reactivity excellent, high precision, reliable and customizable controls, attention to detail and elegant design rich details make the Rapira One a product suitable for those who want to get good performance"
“We were very pleased with the quality and overall performance of the Rapira One.”
"The Rapira One is at least a well-deserved silver award."