• Material: Durable, smooth and flexible cloth
    • Surface: Uncoated / semi-rigid
    • Backside: rubber-based back for a firm grip on all types of surfaces
    • Compability: Optical & laser

MaterialDurable, smooth and flexible cloth
SurfaceUncoated / semi-rigid
BacksideRubber-based back for a firm grip on all types of surfaces
CompabilityOptical & laser
DimensionSaiga Small: 260x220mm
Saiga Medium: 320x270mm
Saiga Large: 380X300mm
Saiga XL: 460X380mm
Saiga XXL: 980x360mm
ThicknessSaiga Small: 2mm
Saiga Medium: 2mm
Saiga Large: 3mm
Saiga XL: 4mm
Saiga XXL: 4mm
Product weightSaiga Small: 75g
Saiga Medium: 95g
Saiga Large: 205g
Saiga XL: 420g
Saiga XXL: 630g

Available colorsBlack, Orange
Item noSaiga Small: AM2301
Saiga Medium: AM2302
Saiga Medium Orange: AM2303
Saiga Large: AM2304
Saiga XL: AM2305
Saiga XXL: AM2306
UPCSaiga Small: 794504514346
Saiga Medium: 794504514445
Saiga Medium Orange: 794504514544
Saiga Large: 794504514643
Saiga XL: 794504514841
Saiga XXL: 794504516746
WeightSaiga Small: 110g
Saiga Medium: 160g
Saiga Medium Orange: 160g
Saiga Large: 250g
Saiga XL: 460g
Saiga XXL: 720g
Box dimensionSaiga Small: 45x45x270mm
Saiga Medium: 55x55x320mm
Saiga Large: 67x67x350mm
Saiga XL: 80x80x430mm
Saiga XXL: 100x100x430mm
Qty per box Saiga Small: 50
Saiga Medium: 50
Saiga Medium Orange: 50
Saiga Large: 25
Saiga XL: 25
Saiga XXL: 25
MSRP EURSaiga Small: 6,3 EUR + Local VAT
Saiga Medium: 7,9 EUR + Local VAT
Saiga Medium Orange: 9,1 EUR + Local VAT
Saiga Large: 9,8 EUR + Local VAT
Saiga XL: 12,5 EUR + Local VAT
Saiga XXL: 22 EUR + Local VAT
Warranty 1 years

Saiga reviews
"Attitude One has hit spot on with their SAIGA mousepads and found a good balance between speed and control. The smooth surface also makes the mat is easy on the wrist, even after many hours of use."
"The new Attitude One Saiga is especially price-conscious players respond positively wishing to acquire a precise Mousepad for little money."
"Attitude One has aimed with the mouse pad SAIGA particularly price-conscious gamers."
“Saiga mouse pad, give your mouse a powerful boost”