Loudhailer diameter40mm
Frequency range20~20.000Hz
Sensitivity111±3dB at 1 khz
Distortion≤4% THD
Magnet sizeΦ12.5 × 2.0mm
Impedance16 Ohm at 1khz
Maximum power input20mW
Omnidirectional microphone4*1.5mm
Phone Cable 1 lengthApprox.0.9m
Phone Cable 2 lengthApprox.1.2m
Mic adapter cable lengthApprox.2.4m (incl. adapter)
Hi-Fi Cable lengthApprox.7.0m (incl. 6.3mm adapter)
Plug(mm)3.5mm Gold-plated plug
Sensitivity Mic-42dB

Available colorsOrange, Green, White, Blue, Black, Pink
Item noOrange: AHP9101
Green: AHP9102
White: AHP9103
Blue: AHP9104
Black: AHP9106
Pink: AHP9105
UPCOrange: 794504515244
Green: 794504515749
White: 794504515640
Blue: 794504515541
Black: 794504516548
Pink: 794504516449
Box dimensionHeight: 260 mm
Width: 234mm
Depth:91 mm
Qty per box (under update)
Warranty 2 years

Almaz reviews
"8/10 - Good all around headphones"
"The Almaz are a really great all-round package only let down by the comfort factor from my own experience – unlikely to be un-comfy for everyone! The included accessories should have everyone covered and the sound doesn’t disappoint no matter what you throw at them."
"Attitude One have done a great job with the Almaz, quality presentation, sleek aesthetics and good quality sound all supported by an impressive modular bundle. "
"Whereas a product with similar features to the price varies between 100 and 150 €, we are convinced that Almaz is really a great step forward made ​​by Attitude One. "
"The Attitude One Almaz therefore position themselves as a multi-purpose headset very valid under the main aspects of videogames and multimedia. Although Attitude One has created a headset specifically for tablets, smartphones and Hi-Fi, the Almaz not disfigure in case anyone wants to use them to fully enjoy their video games in multiplayer with the use of the useful and practical microphone included in the package."
"Attitude One Almaz is a product we can warmly recommend"
"Once you start listening to music with this headphones, that's where the pricetag will make a lot of sense"
"If you're looking for a high quality and performance set of headphones to cover both your home and outdoor needs then you should really take a look at the latest Almaz Stylish Headphones by Attitude One."
"Almaz is a good surprise, offering a pleasant and subtile fidelity rarely reached in this product range."
"The Almaz still get an Editors Choice Award from me today though, because as a music lover I’ll take performance over style all day long and the Almaz are a prime pick for those wanting to kick back with a headphone amp and enjoy the full range of their music collection with sublime clarity."