tunguska 7.1

    • Virtual 7.1 USB surround sound with separately adjustable levels
    • Reinforced headband, which offers nine levels of height adjustment for the perfect fit
    • Unique 4-piece padded headpad and comfortable ear cushions guarantee hours of gaming comfort
    • In-line Remote Control for sound and Mic.
    • High-sensitivity mic and mic mute
    • High-quality 40 mm drivers with neodymium magnets and membranes
    • Recesses on the side of the earcups lights with stylish LED

Frequency range20-20kHz
Impedance32 O
Driver diameterØ40.0mm
Driver magnetsNdFeB
Driver membranePET+PEN
Microphone frequency range:50Hz - 5KHz
Microphone Sensitivity-54dB±3dB
Microphone directivityOmnidirectional
Cable length3.0 m braided cable
System requirementsN/A
Product weight365g
Product Dimension: Height: 215 mm
Width: 170mm
Depth:100 mm

Available colorsWhite/Blue. White/Orange
Item noWhite/Blue: AH8221
White/Orange: AH8222
UPCWhite/Blue: 794504514148
White/Orange: 794504514247
Gross weight420g
Box dimensionHeight: 250 mm
Width: 237mm
Depth:105 mm
Qty per box 24
Warranty 1 years

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Tunguska 7.1 reviews
"Good Virtual 7.1 headset!!"
"Attitude One have delivered a strong, distinctive headset with the Tunguska v7.1 USB which displays future promise in the branding and so has been awarded the Vortez Bronze."
"we are convinced that both headphones deserve to be purchased because the combination of comfort and precision audio"
"Attitude One The Tunguska 2.0 and 7.1 are both very solid and offer a good value for your money."
"Attitude One is an exciting upcoming brand and is really making an impact with their products encompassing great design and performance with bright packaging! Great job Attitude One."
"Overall, the Tunguska 7.1 headset provides a good balance of comfort and functionality for a gaming headset meant to be used for extended periods of gaming, whether at home or attending a LAN party."
"As time goes on they get more comfortable and almost molds around your ears and head. They have really perfected the bass on the headset since it works well with both movies and music, the sound is fairly crip and clear and works well even at higher volume."
Pros: Earphones large and comfortable; Excellent materials and finishes; Sleek and elegant design; Ergonomics high; Excellent sound quality and cleanliness; Good audio quality of the microphone; Good price / performance ratio. Cons: No LED On / Off status of the microphone; The USB port limits the use of 'audio hardware of your PC.
eTeknix says: “The Tunguska is a reasonably priced mid-range headset and it packs an impressive feature set that makes it competitive in a crowded market. It’s a little unrefined in some areas but its an impressive product overall. I think this shows great promise for Attitude One and the Tunguska 7.1 is a great product for this price range.”
"Tunguska is a cheap gaming headset with satisfactory performance."
""As such we surely can recommend the 7.1 USB headset, but find the 2.0 set downright good.""
"Hard to find a headset like this that combines great sound quality on a virtualized and 7.1 at an affordable price. We then complimented Attitude One for having exceeded in this respect"
"Good headset with a great looking design!”